Eighty-one percent of people are dissatisfied with the way the nation is being governed, the survey found. 

The last time satisfaction with government neared this point was in 2011, during another battle to raise the debt ceiling. Only 19 percent of people were satisfied with government at that time. 

Gallup has been tracking the numbers since 1971. Even in the midst of the Watergate scandal, satisfaction with the government remained at 26 percent, 8 percentage points higher than today. 

The drastic drop-off since last month has been primarily among Democrats. In September, a majority, 54 percent, were satisfied with government. That number has plummeted 26 points in the last month. 

Only 8 percent of Republicans are satisfied with government, but that is only a 3-point drop since last month. Independent satisfaction has also dropped 11-points, with 15 percent satisfaction today. 

Gallup’s new numbers are only the most recent evidence of dissatisfaction with Washington in the midst of budget negotiations. An earlier survey released Thursday found most congressional leaders’ and President Obama’s favorability ratings had dropped double digits in the last month. 

Another Gallup survey found people believe dysfunction in Washington is the United States’ biggest problem. Republicans have taken more blame than Democrats in the fight, according to polling.  

However, more than a week into the shutdown, a deal to temporarily raise the debt ceiling seemed closer than in past days as President Obama hosted a series of meetings with congressional leaders. 

The Gallup poll surveyed 1,028 national adults and has a 4-percentage-point margin of error.