Despite those numbers, according to the survey, the majority views the GOP as having more extreme positions and being less willing to work with the other party.  

At the same time, 46 percent believe the Republicans are to blame for the budget impasse while 37 percent blame the Obama administration. Thirteen percent blame both parties, while 5 percent blame neither. 

Meanwhile, the House and the Senate are pushing dueling proposals to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling before the U.S. Treasury his its borrowing limit Thursday. 

By a 6-point margin, the public would vote for congressional Democrats over Republicans, an advantage borne out in other recent polling. 

Also, a record number of people, 38 percent, would like to see their member of Congress voted out of office. That is the highest ranking in a Pew poll going back to 1990.

Republican approval hangs at 20 percent. while Obama’s approval is 43 percent. Democrats hold 31 percent approval. Those numbers are all slightly down from last month. 

The poll surveyed 1,504 national adults and holds a 2.9-point margin of error.