Hundreds of Amazon employees ask Bezos to pull ads from Breitbart: report
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Over 500 Amazon employees have signed an email to CEO Jeff Bezos asking the company to stop advertising on alt-right news website Breitbart News.

Some 564 employees put their names on an email to Bezos and executive Jeff Blackburn that read: “Amazon funding Breitbart has been a point of discussion for employees continuously for many months both on email lists and in person, as well as with our neighbors, friends and family. It is influencing employee morale and possibly even employee retention.” 

BuzzFeed News reports that an employee previously asked Blackburn to stop advertising on a site that “regularly publishes hateful and bigoted content” at a staff meeting. 

The email said that Blackburn's response, which said in part that the arrangement is complicated and "we have our eyes on it," was “frustrating and unsatisfactory” to many in the company.

Amazon doesn’t directly advertise on Breitbart, but its ads are placed on the site via a third-party exchange.

The employee who wrote the email included comments from dozens of other Amazon employees, including one employee who wrote, “When people find out I work at Amazon, the first question they ask is -'How can you justify working for Amazon when they advertise on a hate site?'"

Amazon has also been facing external pressure to remove its advertising from Breitbart. Over half a million people have signed a petition calling for Amazon to pull its ads, calling on the company to “stop investing in hate.” 

A boycott against advertising on Breitbart began in late 2016, pushed in part by activist group Sleeping Giants. Major brands like Kellogg, BMW and Nordstrom have all ceased advertising on the site. 

A database maintained by the group lists over 1,800 brands, companies and business entities that have stopped advertising on Breitbart.

Sleeping Giants has also begun a campaign to stop companies from advertising during Fox News's “The O'Reilly Factor” amid a sexual harassment controversy surrounding host Bill O’Reilly.