Reid: I can out-legislate Cruz

Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnellMitch McConnellSenate gets deal to speed up Puerto Rico bill Senate Dems pledge to keep fighting over Zika Dems: Keep gun research ban out of spending bills MORE (R-Ky.) are credited with brokering the deal that ended the government shutdown.

Reid said the House’s decision to go along with a deal to end the shutdown after 16 days and raise the nation’s borrowing limit was a message to the freshman senators, asking: “What the hell are you doing?”

Cruz, along with a number of other GOP lawmakers, had pushed a tactic to use government funding as leverage to extract Democratic concessions on ObamaCare. Many within Cruz’s own party had criticized the plan as doomed to failure. 

Reid said Cruz is a “laughing stock to everybody but him” and said he pitied the GOP if the party saw him as a viable nominee for president in 2016. 

Reid echoed comments he has made before, asserting the Harvard-educated Senate freshman has a tendency to talk down to people, which does not work in the Senate. 

"Ted CruzTed CruzKasich touts poll showing he does better against Clinton than Trump Two transgender candidates win primaries Trump denies tapping Mike Tyson for convention MORE is smart," Reid said. "He has always been able to talk down to people. He is now in the Senate. People are as smart as he is. He can't talk down to anyone anymore. But he has still not accepted that in his own head. He still thinks he's smarter than everybody else."

Reid made almost an identical statement to Esquire magazine during the government shutdown earlier this month.

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