The White House will reopen tours to the public next month, a Secret Service official confirmed to The Hill on Friday.

Tours will resume on a reduced or limited schedule beginning Nov. 5 through at least Jan. 15, when the recently negotiated continuing resolution is set to expire. At that point, the tours will be reevaluated as the Secret Service monitors costs that are “critical to funding its mission.”

A spokesperson from the Republican National Committee took a dig at the White House for playing 'political games.'

"We’re glad to see the Obama Administration is rethinking using school children who want to tour the White House as political pawns," Kirsten Kukowski told The Hill.

Before the cancellation, tours were available 5 days a week. Under the news schedule they will be available 3 days a week.

The administration announced in March that staffing reductions due to the sequester had forced the shutdown.

Republicans have since hammered the administration over the move, arguing that Obama was looking to score political points against Republicans in the debate over the $85 billion in automatic sequester cuts.

The move had the White House on defense, with some polls showing that a majority of respondents believe the administration should resume the tours.