Poll: Majority opposes GOP control of House

A majority says it is a bad thing for Republicans to control the House, with an even higher percentage believing Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) should lose his job, according to a new poll. 

A CNN-ORC poll released Monday found 54 percent oppose Republican control of the House while 38 percent say it is a good thing. The percentage of people who oppose a GOP-led House is up 11 percent since last December. 

It is the first time since the GOP was swept into office in 2010 that a majority opposes GOP control of the House. 

As a result, 63 percent of people say Boehner should be ousted from his leadership position. Only 30 percent believe he should keep his job. 

The poll was taken in the wake of the 16-day government shutdown. Republicans saw their poll numbers plummet during the shutdown as they pursued a tactic of attempting to use government funding as a leverage to extract ObamaCare cuts. 

Numerous polls show the GOP trailing by nearly double digits in generic congressional ballot tests between Republicans and Democrats. However, Democrats face an uphill climb to win back control in 2014. 

Boehner has faced criticism from the right wing of his conference in the past, and the final deal to raise the debt ceiling and reopen the government passed the House with less than a majority of Republican support — the fourth time that has happened this year. 

However, many conservative Republicans praised him following the shutdown battle, indicating his Speakership is safe as long as the GOP controls the House. 

President Obama’s approval rating hangs at 44 percent, with 52 percent of people disapproving. Only 12 percent of people approve of Congress. 

Forty-four percent say they have more confidence in Obama to tackle major issues, ahead of the 31 percent who expressed confidence in Republicans. 

The poll, taken over the weekend, surveyed 841 adults and has a 3.5-percent margin of error. 

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