Gallup notes that the 3-percentage-point decline is the third-largest quarter-to-quarter drop of his presidency.

Obama’s approval ratings have decreased in all of the last three quarters. Gallup notes that historic trends have found presidential approval has also declined moving from the 19th quarter to the 20th. Only Presidents Clinton and Reagan saw their approval increase in the 20th quarter. 

Compared to other presidents, Obama’s approval ratings most similarly match up with President George W. Bush, who averaged a 43.9 percent approval rating in the 19th quarter, amid criticism of his handling of Hurricane Katrina. 

It is unclear if Obama will see a spike in his approval rating after he and congressional Republicans came to a deal to raise the debt limit and reopen the government last week, Gallup notes.

While Republicans shouldered much of the shutdown fallout, Obama’s approval rating also fell to 41 percent amid the debate.

The poll results come as the focus in Washington moves squarely on the ObamaCare rollout. Its initial problems have been largely overshadowed by the government shutdown. 

Obama will directly address the technical problems with the website in a speech Monday.