Three-quarters of voters say most Republican members of Congress should not be reelected. 

A new CNN/ORC International survey released Monday found 75 percent say most GOP lawmakers should get the boot when they’re up for reelection. 

The poll found 54 percent think Democratic incumbents don’t deserve another term, a finding that echoes other polls that suggest Republicans are getting more of the blame for the crisis. 

Forty percent say they don’t want to vote for their own representative in next year’s midterm elections. 

Nearly 60 percent say the Republican Party has become too extreme. 

“Although incumbent members of Congress of both parties are not very popular, the shutdown seems to have only affected views of GOP incumbents," said Keating Holland, CNN’s polling director. 

In response to a generic ballot question, half of the public says they’d vote for a Democrat in the next election, while 42 percent would support the Republican.