Jeb Bush to Trump: Stop tweeting
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Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) on Friday urged President Trump to get off of Twitter and voiced support for a special counsel appointed this week by the Department of Justice to investigate Russian interference in last year's presidential election.

"I think we need a special counsel and I don't [think] the president should tweet," Bush said, as reported by The Washington Post.

Appearing in front of a crowd during a three-day hedge fund conference in Las Vegas, the president's former GOP primary rival said Trump sometimes uses Twitter as an effective form of communication, and he sees the advantage of speaking directly to voters.

“There is a reason why he tweets, which is to go around the press and directly communicate with millions of people and he is effective in doing that. I don't want to diminish that because that is an important tool that presidents now have,” he said.

Nevertheless, Bush maintained that tweeting makes it harder for the White House to stay on message and gives U.S. enemies an advantage.

“When he tweets he also gives our enemies all sorts of nuances and insights. These things matter. We are living in a dangerous world. He is the leader of the free world,” he said.

“There are lots of reasons that you don't want to send out signals to our adversaries. ... His tweets countermand the efforts of a lot of people that are trying to keep up with him.”

Bush and Trump ran an aggressive primary campaign last year, often attacking one another during the debates and campaign rallies.