Oxford University Press declares 'Trump' children's word of the year
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Oxford University Press has declared "Trump" its Children's Word of the Year.

The New York Times reported that the decision came after an analysis of short stories authored by children for a BBC competition revealed that its use had spiked by 839 percent.

Also notable is the widely expanded contexts in which the word is used. In the short stories, the word was used in proper nouns, like "Snozzle Trump" and "Trumpdiddlydumper," and as a prefix for other words and names, like "Trumpelstilskin" and "Trumpyness."


The decision marks the first time that a proper noun has been named the word of the year in either the children's or adult category, according to The Times.

Among the other political names to make the list were "Hillary Kitten" and "Obama Llama."