Former Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), an ally of President Trump, said on Sunday there is a chance former FBI Director James Comey may be under investigation.

“Comey may be under investigation. If you have an obstruction case, Comey's gotta be one of the major witnesses,” Gingrich told ABC’s Martha Raddatz on “This Week.”

Gingrich, who is out with a new book “Understanding Trump,” was responding to reports Trump is under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller for obstruction of justice.

“We start over here on Russia, well they don’t have anything on Russia, but maybe there was obstruction, we may not get anything on obstruction, but maybe there’s going to be perjury. I mean you go down the list, and we’ve been here before,” Gingrich said.

“We watched Comey appoint Patrick Fitzgerald, who was the godfather to Comey’s children, and Fitzgerald knew there was no crime, he added.

The former Speaker went on to refer to then-Deputy Attorney General James Comey appointing U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald to investigate the unauthorized disclosure of the identity of a CIA employee.

Gingrich has been on the front lines the past week defending the president in the wake of the FBI probe into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russian election meddling.

“The president cannot obstruct justice,” he said last week.