The Republican National Committee (RNC) poked fun at Democrats Wednesday for their optimism following Democratic candidate John Ossoff's loss in the Georgia special House election runoff.

The RNC mocked Democrats by editing a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) video so that it was superimposed with tweets critical of the party.

The video was originally of the DCCC's chairman, Rep. Ben Ray Luján (N.M.), discussing Ossoff's loss against GOP candidate Karen Handel in the runoff for a Georgia House seat. Luján praises Democrats for their efforts in the race and explains how he isn't disappointed but energized by the election.

"I know it's not the outcome we wanted or hoped for. I know it's easy to feel disappointed and defeated, but today I don't feel that way at all. I feel proud," Luján said in the video. "Proud of the grassroots team we built, proud of how hard we fought and proud of how close we came to winning a district that's been held by Republicans for nearly 40 years."

In the RNC edit of the video, tweets by documentary filmmaker Michael Moore roll over the screen as Luján expresses his energy for Democrats.

"If you think the party who's won the vote in 6 of last 7 presidential votes but holds ZERO power and is now 0-4 in 2017 votes is going to win next year...get a friggin' clue," Moore's tweets read. "The [Democratic National Committee] and DCCC has NO idea how to win because they have no message, no plan, no leaders, won't fight and hate the resistance."

Other tweets are added over the rest of the video criticizing the party as well.

Watch the full video above.