Former President George W. Bush said during a presidential leadership event Thursday night that he was "consistently underestimated" during his time in office.

"The best thing [that] can happen to you when you're in politics is to be consistently underestimated," former President Bill ClintonBill ClintonBill Clinton distributes relief supplies in Puerto Rico In Washington and Hollywood, principle is sad matter of timing Mika Brzezinski: Bill Clinton needs to apologize or stop talking MORE said during the event in Dallas.

Bush interjected, to laughs: "I was pretty good at that."

The pair appeared together to celebrate this year's graduates from the Presidential Leadership Scholars program, which uses resources from four presidential centers, including those of Bush and Clinton.

During the moderated event, the pair reminisced about their presidencies and offered advice to those with aspirations for higher office.

Bush identified "humility" as a defining characteristic of a future president. 

"If you want to be president, realize it's about the people, it's not about you," Clinton said. 

"And when it's over — and that's what a lot of these people who are real arrogant in office, they forget time passes and it passes more quickly than you know."

Bush also said that Clinton was "humble in victory" in 1992 when he defeated his father, George H.W. Bush, for the White House. The younger Bush said both men showed "strong character" and it led to a blossoming friendship. 

"He's called a brother with a different mother," Bush said of Clinton.