James von Brunn, the alleged shooter at the Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday, was a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, the organization has confirmed.

SAE also said in a statement that according to its records von Brunn graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., in 1942.

The organization then distanced itself as much as it could from the octogenarian white supremacist, saying von Brunn has not been involved with the group in decades.

"Von Brunn has not been active or involved in the organization since that time and has not had any connection with the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity since he graduated more than six decades ago," the statement reads. "He is one of more than 190,000 living members across the globe, and we do not have further information about him."

The statement goes on: "Sigma Alpha Epsilon does not condone the behavior, values or actions of von Brunn, which are completely inconsistent with the mission statement and creed of the organization. As such, the organization is moving forward with proceedings that will expel, or remove, him from our membership."

Von Brunn claimed to be a member of SAE on a website that appeared to be maintained by him. That website now appears to have been taken down.