Clinton: A lot of 'interesting coincidences' between Russia, Trump campaign
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Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonProminent Putin critic: If Trump turns me over, I'm dead Dems unveil slate of measures to ratchet up pressure on Russia Trump tweets old video of Clinton talking up 'a strong Russia' MORE in an interview Wednesday to promote her new book suggested the possibility of coordination between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 election, pointing to several "interesting coincidences" that tie the Trump campaign to the Kremlin.

"There were a lot of interesting coincidences between what people associated with Trump were saying at the time and what later came to pass," Clinton said during an interview on "The Today Show" on NBC.

Clinton noted one such "coincidence" in which Trump ally Roger Stone hinted that her campaign chairman John Podesta would get what is coming to him shortly before WikiLeaks released his hacked emails.

"You had Trump campaign associates saying in August, ‘Oh, Podesta is going to end up in the barrel.’ Well how would he have known that? The Russians hacked those emails. They stole them," Clinton said.

Clinton would not directly state that the two groups colluded against her, pointing to the ongoing investigations looking into the matter. She did, however, resolutely blame Russia's efforts to influence the presidential race as one of the ingredients for her November election loss.

"There was certainly — we know — a plan from Putin and the highest levels of the Kremlin to influence our election ... We know so much more than we did even when I turned the manuscript in," she continued.

“If you chart my opponent and his campaign’s statements, they quite coordinated with the goals that that leader, who shall remain nameless, had,” Clinton told CNN earlier this year, referring to Putin.

Clinton is on a promotional tour to highlight her new book "What Happened," an account of her loss to Trump in last year's election.

While the former Democratic candidate takes responsibility for her stumbles during the election, she says she would've been in the Oval Office if not for Russian hackers, WikiLeaks and especially FBI Director James Comey — who she says played a "determinative" role in her election loss.