Well that didn't take long. General Motors has already found a buyer to take Hummer off its hands, the New York Times reports.

This comes a day after G.M. declared bankruptcy and many expected several of its brands, including Hummer, would be sold or discontinued.

G.M. did not disclose how much it is selling Hummer for or to whom, according to the Times. Hummer claimed the sale will save 3,000 jobs and that the company would stay based in the U.S.

The Times reports that G.M. is also trying to sell Saturn and Saab and may end the production of Pontiac.

"Overall, we're pretty pleased," a Hummer spokesman, Nick Richards, told the Times. "If you think about the qualities we'd want in a new owner for the brand, this buyer really met all the criteria. They've got a proven track record in international business, and they've got a long-term vision for the brand. They've got the capital to invest in more efficient vehicles, which is what's necessary to grow the brand."

Any guesses on who the buyer might be?