Hot on The Hill right now

The snow is melting, the headlines are smokin'. Read on:

  • Calling the Limbaugh-Steele clash a "Republican Horror Show," an RNC member calls on chairman Michael Steele to step down.

  • Bailout to bankruptcy? GM in danger of crashing.

  • From this morning's paper: Karl Rove and Harriet Miers will testify to the truth commission, and John McCain tries to find himself in the post-campaign era.

  • Calif. GOP Rep. John Campbell, over at the Congress Blog, asks "Does President Obama really 'get it'?" Add your comments.

  • Rush to discuss Tad Barker's Pundits Blog post on Limbaugh.

  • Newt praises the president's efforts on healthcare, compares Rahm to Haldeman. The BBR has the video.

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