Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) called on his fellow members of Congress to closely scrutinize President-elect Obama's economic stimulus plan in order to protect taxpayers.

In a statement, Ensign, chairman of the Senate Republican Policy Committee, acknowledged that the economy needs help but that Congress has a duty to make sure federal money is spent wisely.

Read Ensign's full statement below:

"President-elect Obama's announcement today of his economic stimulus package offers a promising start but needs to be closely scrutinized by Congress in order to make sure the taxpayer is protected at all costs. As we consider this proposal to stimulate our struggling economy, extra caution to rein in wasteful and duplicative government spending needs to be one of our top priorities. If we are not restrained in our spending, the trillions of dollars in deficit could easily push this country off a fiscal cliff.

"Our economy needs help now more than ever before, but that doesn