Rep. G.K. ButterfieldGeorge (G.K.) Kenneth Butterfield'Diamond & Silk' offer chance for bipartisan push back on social media censorship Live coverage: Zuckerberg faces second day on Capitol Hill Senate passes bill to end shutdown, sending it to House MORE (D-N.C.) predicted on Thursday evening that the House climate change bill will attract 230 votes.

Butterfield said, "It is very close, but I think right now we are right up there at the 218 count. We were unsure earlier in the day. The president has been on the phone with several of our caucus members and the Speaker and the whip have been here to talk with members and I have discerned some movement in the last two hours."

He added, "I am not announcing that we are at 218 [votes], but we are generally in that area. This morning it was a little bit less than that. I am confident that we are where we need to be. I think overnight that we will pick up another 10. I predict that it will pass [with] 230 [votes]. Write it down. I'll see you after the vote."

Asked if a Thursday night social event at the White House that will be attended by House lawmakers will be helpful, Butterfield responded, "Yes."

"[President Obama] has a lot riding on this. The world has a lot riding on this," Butterfield said.

The bill is scheduled to hit the House floor on Friday.

--Michael M. Gleeson