Healthcare reform legislation will come to the House floor soon, and when it does, it will pass, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) boldly declared Wednesday.

"When we're ready, we'll go to the floor, and when we go to the floor, we will win," the speaker said in remarks to reporters after a speech at the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. "We won't vote before we'll ready, and when we're ready we will go. But it will be soon."

The speaker said she's pleased with the developments nationwide during August, despite the boisterous protests that have erupted at many lawmakers' town hall meetings about healthcare.

Pelosi also signaled that work would begin quickly starting next Tuesday on a health bill, when the House convenes for the first time since late July.

"We go into session next week, and we'll immediately begin bringing our bills together, and bringing them to the floor of the House," she said.

While each of the three House committees handling health reform legislation have approved marked up bills to the floor, no single preliminary bill has been approved yet by the House.

Pelosi reiterated that the bill would contain a public (or "government-run") option, too.

"We can't pass a bill without a public option, unless someone comes up with a better idea, which we haven't heard yet," she said.

The speaker also projected optimism about Democrats' fortunes in the heatlhcare debate more broadly.

"We're in the game, she said. "We're ready to go."

"Do not be distracted by one thing and another; it will happen, it will be great, and it will be soon," Pelosi added.