Democratic leaders should undertake debates on issues in a more "rational way," one recalcitrant centrist Democrat suggested over the weekend.

Rep. Parker Griffith (D-Ala.), a conservative Blue Dog Democrat who said recently that he wouldn't again support Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as speaker of the House, made more pointed remarks toward House leaders.

"I'm hopeful Speaker Pelosi will see this as an opportunity to discuss things like health care, education and illegal immigration in a rational way," he told the Huntsville Times.

"My constituents feel we need to come together as Americans," Griffith said. "If the Democratic leadership can't do that, perhaps we should look at altering that."

Griffith has been especially critical of House leaders, even more surprising coming from a first-term congressman in a vulnerable district.

Griffith told the Times that he'd received calls from Democratic leaders about what he said were his "honest and candid" remarks, but said he's not considering changing parties.