A new advertisement from Rep. Joe Wilson's (R-S.C.) campaign features the congressman's wife, who attributes her husband's Wednesday outburst to his "passionate" approach to healthcare reform.

"I watched the speech. Joe called me after the speech on Wednesday night, and I said, 'Who's the nut who hollered out 'you lie!'... and he said 'it was me,'" Roxanne Wilson says in the video. "I couldn't believe that Joe would say that."

But, Roxanne adds: "He is very passionate, and he's fighting the good fight, and he's been in the trenches about the healthcare plan.... I think that's where Joe's outburst came from."

"But Joe apologized, and I'm real proud of him," she said. "And I'm very appreciative that the president accepted his apology. And I think the president has been very gracious to my husband in accepting his apology."

Congress, however, has reacted much more aggressively to Wilson's "You lie!" moment.

House lawmakers on Tuesday are preparing to debate -- and, as Democrats hope, will pass -- a resolution sanctioning Rep. Wilson for his infamous interruption.

Perhaps anticipating the worst, his wife, Roxanne, concludes the new advertisement by criticizing her husband's detractors.

"My husband doesn't deserve the treatment he's getting in Congress," Roxanne says. "I'm very proud of him, he'll do fine, he's a great guy."