A key element of the Baucus healthcare plan is "DOA" in the House, a Democratic Congressman said today.

Rep. Tom Perriello (D-Va.) said any attempt to levy a tax on expensive health insurance policies will be met with fierce resistance in the lower chamber.

"I think that plan is probably DOA in the House," Perriello said on MSNBC's Morning Joe today.

To help pay for expanded coverage, the Finance Committee bill imposes 35% tax on insurance companies for so-called "luxury plans."

But Perriello said the Baucus plan should focus more on controlling costs rather than imposing a tax.

"What I've seen of the Baucus bill doesn't seem to get at the core issue of competition and cost containment that's really going to relieve that premium pressure for middle class families," Perriello said.

"The CBO has said some of the best cost savers are not in the Baucus plan," he added.

Among the various healthcare legislation drafted so far, the Baucus plan is the only one that the CBO estimates will reduce the deficit over 10 years.