President Obama would be "betraying America" to let Iran progress with a nuclear arms program, one congressman said Friday.

Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) slammed the president's decision to suspend a missile defense program's construction in Eastern Europe, and warned against the administration's policies toward Iran.

"If Iran becomes a nuclear-armed nation, the entire paradigm of world security is profoundly altered," Franks said during an appearance on a conservative news radio show. "And if this president allows that to happen, he will not only be betraying America, he will be betraying our allies and the cause of human freedom itself."

Franks said he was "mortified" for his children by the decisions of the Obama administration, and cautioned voters to pay more attention to the candidates they favor, lest they pay a "terrible price."

"If the American people don't wake up and start watching who they're voting for, unfortunately we're going to pay a terrible price for that," Franks explained. "If we can make some major gains in the next election, maybe we can slow down some of the dangers here."

"If I seem a little overwrought, at least my message is getting through," he later added.