The Club for Growth took another step Wednesday toward opposing Sen. Robert Bennett (R-Utah) in his 2010 primary, sending a second piece of mail to the 3,200 expected delegates to the Utah GOP’s nominating convention.

The latest mailer continues to label Bennett’s Healthy Americans Act “government-run health care” and quotes extensively from the National Review and the American Spectator reviews of Bennett’s bill.

“The more you know about Sen. Bennett's plan, the worse it looks” Club President Chris Chocola said in a statement. “Every Utahn ought to be concerned that Sen. Bennett wants to raise their taxes and give politicians and bureaucrats the authority to decide which health insurance plans they can purchase.”

The Club hasn’t taken an official side in the primary between Bennett and state Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, but previously it contacted delegates and ran a television ad critical of Bennett’s health care bill.

The delegates have the power to select a nominee or, if no candidate achieves 60 percent of the vote, send two candidates into a head-to-head primary.