A new poll foretells election trouble for Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D): In every hypothetical match-up, she trails her Republican challengers.

Rasmussen's early election snapshot, released Tuesday, pegs Lincoln below 50 percent against each of her seat's four possible GOP contenders -- a concern for the Senate Finance Committee member, who successfully fended off a challenge in 2004 with 54 percent of the vote.

At best, she trails Curtis Coleman -- a former adviser to Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) -- by 2 points, nabbing 41 percent of surveyed voters to his 43 percent.

At worst, she lags 8 points behind Gilbert Baker -- a state senator -- pulling only 39 percent to his 47 percent.

Of course, previous polls have also predicted the vulnerability of Lincoln's Senate seat, but Rasmussen's newest numbers perhaps illustrate the incumbent is growing even more unpopular among her constituents. A leading cause, the polling firm predicts, is the healthcare debate, in which she is viewed as one of the Democrats' leading swing votes on the Finance Committee.