The White House was not impressed by the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearing on czars today, if press secretary Robert Gibbs's comments were any indication.

The hearing, entitled "Examining the History and Legality of Executive Branch Czars," was chaired by Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.), one of the few Democratic critics of Obama's "czars."

"I don't know if Senator Feingold is calling Franklin Roosevelt to be a witness," Gibbs quipped. "I forget the...said lofty scholarly title of said hearing."

Republicans have criticized the White House for appointing too many czars that don't require Senate confirmation. Democrats respond that previous presidents--including Republicans--have made use of so-called "czars."

"I would assume that Congress and Senator Feingold have more weighty topics to grapple with than something like this," Gibbs added.