Democratic leaders in Congress are intent on sacrificing some of their own members' political futures to pass their key initiatives, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) charged Thursday.

Accusing his Democratic foes and President Barack Obama of "arrogance," the top-ranking House Republican said that those individuals were abusing their political power.

"This is the best chance they’ve had in 30 years to move a big liberal agenda and they are absolutely committed to doing it," Boehner said during an appearance on the conservative Sean Hannity radio show. "They even know that they are going to sacrifice some number of their members in the House and Senate with this big liberal agenda and they’re still intent on doing it."

Some Democratic lawmakers elected from swing or Republican districts during the past two election cycles, which were bolstered by Democratic headwinds, have been reluctant to sign onto healthcare reform bills before Congress, and a small minority in the House voted against their leaders' other top priority, the climate change bill.

“Well Sean listen, there’s an arrogance of power here," Boehner said of Democrats' majorities. "You’ve got the White House controlled by the Obama folks, you’ve got a big majority of Democrats in the House under Nancy Pelosi and a big majority of Democrats in the Senate under Harry Reid."