A key liberal group launched a radio ad campaign Wednesday "cheering on" Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in his home state of Nevada as he works to craft final Senate health legislation.

Americans United for Change launched a week-long radio ad campaign entitled "Finish Line," urging the majority leader to include the public (or "government-run") option in the healthcare reform bill he's crafting from versions to have emerged from the Senate Finance and Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) committees.

"Now that the marathon is beginning its last lap, the insurance companies are desperate to prevent us from getting to the finish line," the ad says. "Luckily the guy whose has been handed the baton to run that last lap – is Nevada’s Senator Harry Reid."

The group will spend $23,000 on the campaign, which will air on radio stations in Las Vegas and Reno.

The ads lionize Reid as he not only works to craft a compromise health bill in the Senate, but also as he remains mindful of his own impending reelection race in 2010, in which early polls have shown him trailing prospective Republican senators. Americans United for Change said that the ad hopes to serve as public reinforcement for the public option as Reid works on the bill, and "send a message to all senators that advocates of health insurance reform will have their back in supporting the public option and that they have the political high ground in doing so."

Listen to the ad here.