Doug Hoffman leads in both polls released the day before the New York special election, but the Siena poll shows the race is within reach for Democrat Bill Owens.

While Public Policy Polling had Hoffman up more than 15 points, Siena’s new poll shows him leading 41-36, with Scozzafava at 6 percent.

A main difference between Siena’s poll and PPP’s is that Siena’s was conducted only Sunday, during which time Scozzafava endorsed Owens. But PPP still showed Hoffman leading big before and after that endorsement.

Another factor is today’s rally with Vice President Joe Biden, which could help turn out Owens’s base. Biden’s favorability in the poll is 41 percent, with 37 percent unfavorable.

Despite her endorsement, though, Scozzafava’s departure has helped Hoffman, at least in the short-term. He trailed Hoffman by 1 point in the same poll conducted last week, when Scozzafava was still in the race.