Now that Hamid Karzai has secured another term, President Obama should make clear his plans for Afghanistan, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said today.

"Today's events only heighten the need for decisive resolute action by the United States concerning Afghanistan," McCain said in a statement, referring to Abdullah Abdullah's decision to boycott the runoff.

The White House had previously suggested it would wait until after the runoff results were clear to announce a decision on troop numbers. America needed a "credible Afghan partner" in order to move forward, Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel had said.

McCain downplayed doubts about Karzai's legitimacy, arguing that only time would tell whether his government gained the trust of Afghans.

"Ultimately, Afghans will judge the legitimacy of their government not only in one election, but through its daily performance--its ability to protect the people, to deliver justice, and to crack down on corruption," McCain said. 

"The most urgent priority now is to support our Afghan partners in reversing what General McChrystal has rightly called the ‘deteriorating' security situation," the Arizona Republican said. "This requires a properly-resourced counterinsurgency strategy, and I urge President Obama to provide our civilian and military leaders with the resources they need to succeed."