A key liberal group released an ad Tuesday encouraging lawmakers to support health reform, likening the vote to support for historic social programs.

A new 30-second television spot from the group Americans United for Change pushes lawmakers do weather any controversy over the health proposals before Congress and cast a vote in favor of the reforms.

The ad notes controversy over Social Security, child labor laws, and national parks when those were authorized by Congress, suggesting that the new health rules would become a core part of American culture like those programs.

"It’s gut-check time for Congress on health insurance reform, and this ad simply encourages members to look back at history and note that many of today’s hugely popular government success stories were shrouded in political 'controversy' before becoming law, whether it was Social Security, Medicare – even child labor laws," said Jeremy Funk, the communications director for Americans United for Change.

"Congress need only look at history to realize which side of history they’ll be on by voting for reform: the right one," he added.

Watch a video of the ad below: