The DCCC is using Sarah Palin as a bogeyman to raise money, calling her book a "lie-riddled work of fiction."

An excerpt from a fundraising email DCCC Executive Director Jon Vogel sent to supporters today:

You and I know that the only thing dead on arrival whenever Sarah Palin grabs a microphone is the truth. Only now, her lie-riddled work of fiction called "Going Rogue" is selling like gangbusters - and it's up to us to give it a proper response.

The media is closely watching to see how grassroots Democrats respond to Palin's attacks before the all-important November FEC deadline that hits Midnight Tonight.

Help us raise $50,000 before Midnight Tonight for our Emergency Health Care Rapid Response Fund so health care supporting Democrats under attack by Sarah Palin and the right-wing lunatic fringe can fight back.