Michaele and Tareq Salahi Did Not Violate Any Laws

[Washington, DC | Wednesday December 2, 2009] ----- Four days prior to the evening of November 24, 2009, at the specific request of a White House official, the Salahis provided their identifying information, as is required of White House guests.  On the evening of November 24, 2009, Michaele and Tareq Salahi presented their United States passports to three different Secret Service Agents at various White House checkpoints as did all other attendees.  Each of the agents examined the Salahis’ passports and compared it to documentation at each checkpoint.  No further inquiries by the Secret Service agents were made at any of the checkpoints.

The Salahis have fully cooperated with the United States Secret Service since learning of its investigation into the security procedures employed at the November 24, 2009 White House State Dinner.  On numerous occasions, the Salahis have voluntarily met with investigating agents and provided them with documentation, including all relevant emails and cell phone records that detail communications with a White House official.  The Salahis have also voluntarily submitted sworn statements concerning the events of November 24, 2009.  In sum, the Salahis have fulfilled all requests made by the United States Secret Service.
Through their attorneys, and to assist in tomorrow's House Committee on Homeland Security's hearing on this matter, the Salahis have voluntarily presented similar information to Congressman Peter King, the Ranking Minority Member on the Committee, as well as to the staff of Congressman Benny Thompson, Chairman of the Committee.  This information included the Salahis' sworn statements and their relevant email correspondence with a White House official.
The evidence presented to the United States Secret Service and to certain members of Congress clearly shows: (1) that no laws were broken, (2) that White House protocol relating to invitations was either deficient or mismanaged, and (3) that there were honest misunderstandings and mistakes made by all parties involved.
The Salahis believe that, having provided all relevant information to Representatives King and Thompson, there is nothing further that they can do to assist Congress in its inquiry regarding White House protocol and certain security procedures. They therefore respectfully decline to testify.