Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has done "a good job," her Republican predecessor said Wednesday.

Former Secretary Michael Chertoff, who served as head of the Department of Homeland Security during the later half of President George W. Bush's administration, defended his successor from attacks by the GOP.

“Although that initial statement was obviously a misstep, I think she has recovered from that," Chertoff said during an appearance on Fox News's "Fox and Friends" when asked about Napolitano's response to the attempted bombing of a Northwest airlines flight on Christmas Day.

Napolitano had said that the U.S. security systems had worked, a claim which came under fire from Republicans.

"I think she has actually done a good job," Chertoff said in response Wednesday to those claims.

Chertoff said that the breakdowns aren't solely the responsibility of Napolitano and DHS, but rather, the larger intelligence infrastructure.

"What actually emerges, yesterday is that the problem doesn’t lie with her and her department, it really lies with the intelligence fusion process and the people on the analytical level who were responsible for seizing on the threat information and making sure it was followed through upon," Chertoff said.