Former Rep. Mike Sodrel (R-Ind.) will indeed seek a fifth straight match-up with Rep. Baron Hill (D-Ind.), Sodrel announced Monday. 

Sodrel said that he will continue one of the longest-running feuds in electoral politics.

"The Obama administration and Pelosi's Congress are doing all the wrong things," Sodrel said in a statement. "They have spent the last year on healthcare legislation. We need to get the economy back on track. We need to create real jobs, not another huge government bureaucracy. And you don't pull a country out of an economic slump by hurting the people who do the hiring. Additional taxes, government takeovers and programs like 'cap-and-trade' would do just that."

Hill has won the last two match-ups after Sodrel unseated him for one term.

Sodrel will face attorney Todd Young in the primary.