President Barack Obama plans to address both House Democrats and Republicans at their respective caucuses' issue retreats this and next month, the White House announced Tuesday.

The president will join Democrats at the Capitol on Thursday for a brief talk, spokesman Bill Burton told the AP this morning.

It is still unclear when the president will meet with Republicans, but Burton promised more details when they became available.

The two, separate talks coincide with a number of important political happenings this and next month. Obama will round the corner on his first year in office on January 20 -- around the same time he is expected to deliver his annual State of the Union address to both chambers of Congress.

Obama's meetings also arrive as House lawmakers begin the process of merging their healthcare bill with the Senate's legislation. At the same time, lawmakers in both chambers are forging ahead with green energy and regulatory reform legislation -- two thorny political issues sure to dominate debate in the coming months.