It didn't take long for everyone to weigh in on Scott Brown being named the winner in Massachuetts.

NRSC Chairman John Cornyn (Texas): "Nearly one year after President Barack Obama was sworn into office, Massachusetts voters sent a clear message to the nation in favor of fiscal responsibility and checks-and-balances in Washington when they elected Scott Brown to the United States Senate."

DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen (Md.): "House Democrats have been preparing since day one last year for what we knew historically would be a very challenging election cycle.  After winning five straight competitive Special Elections, the DCCC knows first hand how difficult they are and we are not taking anything for granted this cycle.  The DCCC is aggressively focused on ensuring House Democrats have the resources, strategy, message, and get-out-the-vote operation necessary to win in tough districts."

NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions (Texas): "Scott Brown’s win confirms the serious ramifications that will haunt Democrats all the way to the November elections. Tonight, Massachusetts voters relived their historic roots with a mass revolt against the Obama-Pelosi agenda of bigger government, higher taxes, and fewer jobs. No matter how Democrats want to spin it, there is a movement building in America that threatens their majority in Congress. All across this country there are candidates like Scott Brown who have had enough and are running to put an end to a culture of fiscal recklessness in Washington."

Kentucky GOP Senate candidate Trey Grayson: "My heart felt congratulations goes out to Scott Brown, his family and campaign staff and volunteers.  They earned this victory.  It is not just a victory for Massachusetts, but for the whole country.  Let’s hope that much like our own Ron Lewis’ race in 1994 this race will be a bellwether for the election results this fall.  Americans didn’t vote for more intrusive government, higher taxes and a skyrocketing national debt in 2008, but that’s what we’ve gotten from this Congress. If I’m elected to the U.S. Senate my top priority will be working to restore our nation’s fiscal health."

New Hampshire GOP Senate candidate Ovide Lamontagne: "What a remarkable and historic victory!  I am thrilled for Senator-elect Scott Brown and his family.  As an outsider, Scott ran a focused and disciplined campaign that resulted in a great win for the people of Massachusetts, and our nation today.  The voters rejected the politics of entitlement and establishment elitism, and instead, chose to vote for fixing a broken Washington with common sense conservatism."

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (R): “I want to applaud Scott Brown on his historic victory tonight. I was privileged to speak with him just a short time ago and congratulated him myself. Senator-elect Brown’s vote and voice will be critical in helping get America back on the right track.