Sen-elect Scott Brown (R-Mass.) won last night because Massachusetts voters “rejected President Obama's massive health care takeover and the Democrats' failed stimulus debacle,” according to a memo by Sen. John Cornyn, who chairs the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The Texas Republican went on to argue that yesterday’s election was not a “unique anomaly” and that Obama has “no coattails” when he's not on the ballot.

“Democrats nationwide should be on notice,” Cornyn said. “Voters are looking for checks-and-balances, and they are prepared to hold the party in power accountable for their irresponsible spending and out-of-touch agenda in Washington.”

Meanwhile, Brown was able to claim the support of “families, seniors, and small business owners,” according to Cornyn. “Senator-elect Scott Brown's positive vision for the state ran contrary to Martha Coakley’s negative attacks and unwavering support for the Democrat establishment in Washington."