In announcing his retirement, Rep. Steve Buyer (R-Ind.) also announced his wife has an autoimmune disorder that is being called "incurable."

The two were high school sweethearts, and Buyer, 51, referenced her sickness as his reason for retiring and resigning from the Army Reserve. His wife's sister succumbed to the same condition in 2008.

"On Nov. 24 and reconfirmed on Jan. 19, and further again today, Joni has been diagnosed with what doctors call an 'incurable' autoimmune disease," Buyer said. "While Joni’s sister died 21 months ago from this disease, I will not call it incurable because it’s our faith that allows us to believe that all diseases will be cured. As part of her prognosis, she has been advised to 'de-stress' her life; therefore, I believe it is my family’s best interest for me to complete my service to the nation in military uniform and in Congress.
"I have made application to retire from the Army Reserve effective Aug. 1, completing a 30-year career. In addition, I have (told) Minority Leader Boehner and Gov. Daniels that I plan to complete my present term in Congress. I will not seek re-election to the 4th congressional district."