President Barack Obama would like an opportunity for a televised exchange with Senate Republicans, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Monday.

Gibbs said that the administration would welcome an invitation for a televised exchange with the Senate GOP, similar to the extraordinary question-and-answer sessions with members of the House Republican Conference at their retreat last week.

"I believe we have been invited to speak to the Senate Republicans, and we will do so," Gibbs said during his daily press briefing.

The televised session won plaudits from members of the media and other political observers for its openness.

"I think the President enjoyed the give and take on these issues of importance. You guys seemed to think it was a worthwhile endeavor," Gibbs told reporters. "And I think opportunities like this for both sides are important to talk through our ideas.":

Gibbs said the White House "wouldn't have any problem" with an exchange with Senate Republicans being open to TV cameras, too.