President Barack Obama will make public a single plan for healthcare reform in advance of the bipartisan summit on the issue next Thursday, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said.

"There will be one proposal," Sebelius said at a press conference Thursday.

When Obama announced the summit, he promised to publish online his plan for healthcare reform. Trouble is, Democrats in the House and Senate have yet to reconcile the differences between the bills already passed by the two chambers, prompting questions about just what Obama planned to unveil.

Moreover, Republican leaders invited to the summit have publicly questioned the point of holding a meeting if Obama and the Democrats already know what their final bill is going to look like.

Democratic leaders say they continue to work behind the scenes to hash our their differences but neither Obama nor those leaders has settled on a way to move forward. Senior House Democrats told reporters on Wednesday they were "very close" but also could not explain what Obama planned to do or whether it would be coordinated with the Democratic leadership.