The long-awaited New York Times story about Gov. David Paterson isn't flattering but doesn't appear to contain any revelation that could prompt the Democrat's resignation.

Rather than focus on Paterson's personal foibles, the piece explores his management style. From the Times:

Those interviewed describe the governor as remote from the most seasoned people around him, and increasingly reliant on people whom he feels comfortable with but who lack deep experience in government, including his former driver, David W. Johnson, and his former Albany roommate, Clemmie J. Harris Jr., who retired from the State Police on disability a decade ago and has been appointed special adviser to the governor.

Moreover, as Paterson's poll numbers dipped last summer the governor opted to spend "long stretches" in the Hamptons "relaxing with friends and mingling with wealthy donors and celebrities."

Perhaps the most damning quotation comes from Buffalo banking executive Robert Wilmers. “I think he's a gentleman who wants to do the right thing,” said Wilmers, a Paterson supporter. "Beyond that, I don't keep score."

Some other tidbits include how Paterson spent $1,800 in campaign cash staying at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota, Fla., and how he appointed Gabrielle Turner, an old girlfriend, to a key position in his Washington office.