President Barack Obama got a "B+" for his environmental record from a top environment and climate watchdog Monday.

The League of Conservation Voters gave Obama a good -- but not its highest -- grade in its annual report card.

The group said that while Obama had done much to help the environment during his first year in office, his inability to pass and sign a climate change bill meant he was busted down to his current grade.

"There is little doubt that President Obama has accomplished more to create clean energy jobs and curb global warming pollution during his first year than any other president has accomplished during an entire term," the League said in its report card. "However, the fact that a comprehensive clean energy and climate bill has not yet been signed into law means that he falls slightly short of acing his first year in office and results in a solid B+ grade."

The LCV also praised environmental measures in the stimulus act and some of Obama's picks for key appointments to cabinet and agency positions.

A number of lawmakers, many of them Democrats, received perfect ratings on the group's broader scorecard, while others, mostly Republicans, received "0" ratings.