Republicans' calls to start from scratch on health reform legislation "is like Dr. Kevorkian giving you healthcare advice," Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tim Kaine said Tuesday.

In giving his take on GOP healthcare ideas, Kaine evoked the controversial Dr. Jack Kevorkian, an assisted suicide advocate who spent eight years in prison on a second-degree murder charge. 

Kevorkian has claimed to have helped as many as 130 people commit physician-assisted suicide.

"When I hear the start from scratch it doesn't sound like earnest advice," Kaine said on MSNBC. "It's more like, you know, Dr. Kevorkian giving you healthcare advice"

Kaine's remarks come just two days before Republicans and Democrats will meet during a bipartisan healthare summit at the White House.

The GOP has demanded that Democrats start over on healthcare reform. Democrats say that existing legislation passed by the House and the Senate provide a good framework for reform and the White House on Monday released its own healthcare proposal.

The White House has called on Republicans to produce their own joint healthcare plan ahead of the proposal and have said that their plans contain Republican ideas. But House Republicans have responded that they have already drafted their own proposal.

Still, Kaine said GOPers just want to scrap the whole venture.

"They don't start from scratch, they want to vote no," he said. "Start from scratch isn't an idea. Start from scratch isn't a solution."


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