Republicans are using "reverse psychology" on healthcare reform, urging Democrats not to pass the bill because they're afraid it will become popular.

Harkin says that GOP threats to campaign in 2010 on repealing healthcare reform are hollow, since Republicans know Americans will like the bill once it becomes law.

"I've been around here long enough to recognize reverse psychology when I see it," Harkin told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell today. "If the Reublicans and Mr. McConnell thought that this was going to be devestating to the Democrats they would be sitting back and rubbing their hands and saying 'go ahead and do it."

Harkin said that Democrats will be able to sell the bill to voters once someting passes, and Republicans won't have the courage to campaign on repealing some of its more popular provisions, like banning insurance companies from dropping coverage when a policyholder becomes sick.

"They want to repeal that? I welcome that campaign," Harkin said.

"We pass this bill, by reelection time the American people are going to say, 'You know, those Democrats did a good thing in getting this health reform bill through," he added.

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