Ex-Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) Tuesday night refused to answer a blunt question by CNN's Larry King: "are you gay?"

Massa is accused of groping male staffers and the House ethics committee is currently investigating the claims. He has denied touching any member of his staff sexually but did admit to "tickling" several staffers at his 50th birthday party.

After King asked the question, Massa responded "Here's my answer, I'm not going to answer that. In the year 2010? Why don't you ask my wife, ask my friends. Ask the 10,000 sailors I served with in the Navy."

The former congressman said that "It insults every gay American. Why would anyone ask that question?"

Massa also backtracked on a claim he made earlier on Fox News' "Glenn Beck" show, that he resigned because of his own misbehavior around his staff.

On "Larry King Live," Massa returned to previous claims that Democratic leadership forced him out of office because of his vote against healthcare reform legislation.

"I am in trouble because I'm a Democrat standing up to a horrific mistake we are about to make. Period."

Massa added that all of the reasons he cited for stepping down, and the reason why he originally announced his retirement last week, were "interconnected.

"I am leaving because I have to fight simultaneously a potential re-occurrence of cancer, the Democratic leadership, [and] a healthcare bill that is going to destroy this country."