Rep. John Boccieri (D-Ohio) on Wednesday compared receiving threats for voting for healthcare legislation to fighting in a war.

The freshman lawmaker, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan in the Air Force Reserve, voted no on the bill in November but switched his vote to yes on Sunday's vote.

“Having flown missions in and out of Iraq and Afghanistan, I know what it’s like to be in harm’s way. But I never imagined serving in Congress could feel the same," he said in a statement. "While Members of Congress, including myself, experience threats against our lives, our families, and our staff in the wake of the historic health care vote, I am calling on our leaders to be responsible with their remarks, especially those with a national microphone."

Several members of Congress who supported the bill have received personal threats since the healthcare overhaul passed this weekend. 

Many of the threats are under investigation by the FBI and Capitol Hill police, including those made against Boccieri.

According to his spokes man Jessica Kershaw, the congressman received "several threatening calls against the congressman against his family and against members of his staff" but would not divulge further details because the ongoing investigation.

Leaders from both parties in Congress condemned the attacks, but some Democratic leaders placed the blame on Republicans for creating an atmosphere that facilitated the threats.