In a statement responding to Friday's jobs report, Reid said the high unemployment rate demonstrates the need for another extension.

“With so many families in Nevada and across the country still struggling to find work and make ends meet, it is imperative that Senate Republicans stop blocking the extension of critical unemployment insurance and health benefits — their obstruction endangers the economic certainty of millions of families," Reid said.

Democrats want to extend unemployment benefits through May 5 and classify the measure as "emergency spending" that wouldn't fall under pay-go rules. Republicans object to approving any new benefits that would add to the deficit, and want the extension to be paid for.

Meanwhile, Reid said Friday's news that 162,000 jobs were created last month is a step in the right direction.

“Senate Democrats know that today’s positive signs are important," Reid said. "But what is more important is that we not let up on our job creation efforts until every American who wants a job can find one and our middle-class families are again strong."