N.Y. Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV, whose father once represented the Harlem district now held by Rangel, told the New York Daily News that he plans to announce next week a bid to unseat Rangel.

Powell's decision to run would give Rangel the highest-profile challenge to his seat, a battle which has been toughened amid allegations that Rangel had failed to properly disclose funding for trips as well as income earned from properties.

Rangel has been dogged by the ethics allegations throughout this Congress, only recently having been unseated as chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee after the House ethics committee admonished the veteran lawmaker for improperly accepting travel sponsored by a corporation that employs a lobbyist.

Rangel has already been facing a primary challenge from one of his former campaign directors, though Powell has a history in elective office that could advantage him in the primary.

The Daily News points out, though, that Powell could suffer from some baggage, having been convicted of driving while impaired after a trial on allegations that he was driving while drunk.

Rangel has said he is seeking reelection. The winner of the Democratic primary in the heavily Democratic district is expected to cruise to winning the general election.